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Asian Dressing

I love this Asian Dressing and use it as a marinade or my favorite way is straight on a big bowl of kale topped with raw sprouted pumpkin seeds.

Cherry Braised Short Ribs

Making Cherry Braised Short Ribs sounds hard but I promise you its easy peasy! Cool thing is, I usually have most of these ingredients on hand any given day.

Bok Choy Soup with Fish

Bok Choy Soup with Fish is full of everything good and feels amazing going down, you can feel it healing your body almost.

Roasted Beef Bone Broth

Roasted beef bone broth is a bit richer in flavor and I find it worth my time, plus visually it makes a very rich looking bone broth.

Holiday Shrimp & Sausage Breakfast

Holiday Shrimp & Sausage Breakfast is perfect when you want to make something a little extra special for the family. Full of flavor and so beautiful. They may be a mimosa pictured...hehe

Sunday Breakfast

Nothing is better than a lazy Sunday Breakfast. I love these beef patties paired with anything and nothing....delicious!

Fat Bomb

Fat Bomb This Fat Bomb can be mixed in a separate dish, jar or right in your nut butter jar if you're lazy. This is great for me to eat by the spoonful when I am traveling, mid day or when I have a headache it seems to help. Ingredients: 2 tbls Nut Butter -

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Thai Coconut Soup

This Thai Coconut Soup is super easy and super fast to make. Only 3 ingredients!

Favorite Home & Beauty Products

This are items I have switched out over the last year in order to cut down on the chemicals in my life. It is not complete by all means but it is a start.

Favorite Kitchen Stuff

This is a List of my favorite kitchen stuff I use almost daily. I like them because of their cost and or durability.