Roasted Beef Bone Broth

Roasted Beef Bone Broth is a bit richer in flavor and I find it worth my time, plus visually it makes a very rich looking bone broth.


Grass fed Beef Bones






Apple Cider Vinegar

Water – I like to use my Berkey filtered water

I actually take my frozen bones right out of the freezer and place directly in my 425 degree oven.

I roast for 20-30 mins or so, until brown.

Place in crock pot or in stock pot and cover with water – I prefer the stock pot

Add veg and a wee bit of seasonings. I like to keep it mild and flavor as I cook with it. More versatile.

Add 1/4-1/2 cup ACV – this helps pull the collagen out of the bones and is a must when making bone broth.

Cover and simmer for 24hrs. If on the stove replenish the water as needed.

Then cool, strain and store in jars in the fridge up to 3 days.

Freezes well too. You can use ice cube trays and just pull them out as you are cooking.

Tip: once cooled it should be gelatinous and jiggle, thats the sign of a good healing bone broth