Scallop and Bacon Salad

I have been learning to cook fish and shellfish more and more over the last year. I was inspired to make some scallops so of course I started with the perfect partner bacon! When in doubt, start with bacon is what I always say. The key here for mouth watering  scallops is to presoak them in a brine of filtered water, juice from a lemon and tsp Himalayan sea salt for 30 minutes then pat dry completely before cooking.


1 lb wild caught scallops

1 lb uncured bacon (nitrate & nitrite free)

1 bag of organic brussel sprouts shredded

6 oz organic kale torn into small pieces (I used 1/2 bag I had)

1/2 organic red onion


equal parts extra virgin olive oil & apple cider vinegar

1 Tbls dijon mustard

juice from half an organic lemon

s&p, herbs de provence  and garlic powder to taste


Begin by placing your scallops in the brine listed above and set aside.

Next cook your bacon (I used my iron skillet), remove and reserve the drippings.

Next chop and shred the raw kale and brussels (I used my little chopper for the brussels)

Slice up your onion and layer the kale, brussels and onion in bowl

Make your dressing (I place all in a recycled glass jar and shake to mix)

Drain your scallops and pat dry

Last, heat your skillet with the bacon drippings to medium heat then add the scallops

Season with s&p and herbs de provence and cook about 3 minutes per side

Top salad with bacon and scallops

Now revel in your fancy work and dig in!!


Scallop & Bacon Salad