Toxic Relationships

Life Toxins are all around us in all forms. When I look back on my life I can clearly see some toxic relationships I was a part of and refused to see it at the time.

When I began purging toxic food from my body I had no idea I would be weeding the relationships in my life too. I no longer waste energy on them.

Being healthy for me involves food as the core but there are many other factors that affect my toxic load. Relationships in all forms; friendships, parents, spouses and work can all take a toll on me……. and fast. I have learned over the years to identify these relationships in my life and chop them immediately. My time and love is precious and I refuse to waste it on anyone not worthy.

Sounds harsh, I understand. But what you have to understand about me is I have been too nice for too long because I believe in seeing the good in people, but was blind when it became toxic to my own health.

I now ask myself one simple question: Does this person make me a better person? If the answer is yes, awesome! If it is no, I chop them or severely limit my time with them. I feel such a huge burden lifted and walk much lighter though my days. I am surrounded only by people that I feel support and love me.

I do think women tend to be more this way, even strong ones like me. I do get disappointed in people easily, as I expect a lot from those around me. Since my diagnosis almost a year ago I am seeing things so much more clear in my life….it may be an age thing going on as well. Or maybe because the food has made my thoughts much more clear.

Toxins sure do come in sheep’s clothing sometimes. Just sayin’. Eyes wide open.