Smoked Salmon Salad

I usually have all the ingredients for a smoked salmon salad on hand any given week. It really can be a life saver at times and I highly recommend trying it!

The Basic Smoked Salmon Salad

2 cups – Any Leafy Green – spinach or baby greens are my favorite

Wild Caught Smoked Salmon – 6-8ozs

Sliced Red Onion


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Loaded (Optional Additions)

Crispy Bacon -crumbled

Fresh Asparagus – cut into 3rds

Boiled Egg


I pile it all in a bowl and drizzle the EVOO and fresh lemon juice over the whole salad. My entire family eats this as well so it is a great go to.

Smoked Salmon Loaded

Loaded Smoked Salmon Salad