Pursuing Real Food & Real Life

I struggle with the whole idea of unplugging or continuing to use social media for the good. So much of my life includes technology at this point and I do not like it. It’s not even a love hate, I hate it. I simply do it because it helps others or in a moment of shallow weakness I post something pointless on a personal platform. Work is one thing, my MS stuff is another. I find myself staring at my MAC, laptop or iphone all the time for one reason or another. I see the world around me doing the same. It makes me sad….really sad. We are not truly connecting with one another anymore. I used to love to go sit at a cafe or coffee shop by myself and watch people and enjoy my thoughts. Now we cant sit alone with ourselves for 2 seconds, everyone has their face in a phone so afraid of being alone for 1 second.

It is all distraction. Distraction from real life going on all around us.

I remember putting off getting a cell phone until about 10 years ago and even then I didnt turn it on unless I needed it. I miss home phones. I miss the anticipation of not knowing who was calling until you answered. I miss checking my voice mail.

Life, as I see it, is moving so far from what real life is. Just like the manufactured food that lines our grocery store shelves and is killing us, so is this constant stream of media. Soon all our social skills will be a thing of the past, just like cursive writting and kids playing outside instead of online.

So what is the balance? This is what I struggle with. How to balance staying current and connected on a healthy level that contributes and not dimenish life.

Watching young moms hand their babies that cannot even talk yet a cell phone or ipad to entertain them breaks my heart. My first career in life was being a stay at home mom to my 3 kids. Best years ever. I was connected with them daily. We played outside. Walked to the library. Cooked together. Made forts. Created art. Played with sticks and jumped in puddles. Read books. Took naps. Made forts. Listened to music. Had friends over. Played sports. Had lots of pets. BEST job in the world!

Remember the days of talking to your boyfriend on the phone until you fell asleep. Or the excitement of going to school to see your friends and just hanging out talking.

I never watched TV until the last few years. We were not allowed to growing up and I just always thought it was silly and boring when I was older. I would rather make something and start a project than sit and stare at a box for entertainment.

I want to simplify my life in this area again and get back to whats REAL.

Pursuing Real Food & Real Life. Yeah, thats the ticket.