My 1 Year Anniversary

When I started this journey of kicking MS with food I never even thought about what it or I would look like a year later…. until today

7/2/15 Exactly My 1 Year Anniversary since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone and how much I have learned not only about food but myself.

  1. I have learned to let things go and relax more, not everything needs to be perfect.
  2. Prioritize and only do what absolutely needs to get done

3.When I am tired, rest

  1. Do not skip meals
  2. Be more present, focus on today
  3. Do not stress about things I cannot control
  4. Take Epsom salt baths
  5. Celebrate the small things
  6. Pay attention to what my particular bodies needs are
  7. Get more sunlight on my skin

Of course I have learned so much about food and how it directly affects my mood, energy, vision, sleep, brain function, walking, talking and inflammation in my body. I also have learned that cold weather is not my friend, anything below 80 degrees I start to go numb and lose use of my hands and legs slowly. I have been in the cooler section of the grocery store during the summer and started to go numb! Therefore I am destined to live in a tropical place the rest of my life…. oh darn.

One of the big highlights of this past year was planning my wedding and getting married to the amazing man I have been with for the past 5 years. MS allowed my to understand why I had been putting off planning our wedding for the last few years…I had no interest in a wedding! I just wanted to have an intimate wedding with the two of us and possibly the children. I would let myself get so stressed out over all the details and trying to keep everyone else happy that it would send me into shutdown mode. So, all in one night while my fiancé was away on a business trip, I found a local minister who performed weddings wherever we would want and his wife would take the pictures. Perfect. We set the date, I wore a dress I had in my closet and away we go! We got married outside in downtown Charleston with the children…I was 100% in the moment and connected to what was happening. It was the most glorious 10 minutes of our lives:) I am not kidding. We then followed up on a sunny day with family pictures on the beach, which have become my favorite of course. Letting go of the idea that I had to do things in a certain order or in the right way allowed me to hear me…. what I wanted…. what my now husband wanted. We just wanted to marry each other. So we did.

I have made mistakes this year and certainly have not been perfect, whatever that is. Most recently on my travels I ate some hand cut fries and did not seem to react…. so I decided I was going to eat more later on that week. I may or may not have eaten them a third time.  It caught up to me and all my lovely MS symptoms reared their ugly heads and today I sit here still cleaning my body out from my bad choices. Oh I pay, I always pay…. lesson taught you evil little hand cut french fries, lesson learned.

This year I think I will focus on my exercise. I want to get back to feeling strong. I have lost so much strength and will make it my mission to gain it back now that my eating seems to be under control.

Another thing I will have to work on this year is international travel, I must let go of the fear and figure it out…. what works for me.

I also am going to continue to work on relaxing more and listening to my body when it says slow down. Life sure has been more enjoyable this past year since stopping to smell the roses.

I forget easily so I am going to work on listening….I mean really listening. Multi tasking is not necessary nor is it serving me well anymore.

Yeah, I am pretty darn happy with how this past year has gone. Through all the stress that life brought me I came through it with flying colors…MS and all.

I feel changes coming on in my life, things are shifting and moving and I ma not sure where things will end up but I can assure you…I will be taking care of me first.