My Multiple Sclerosis FAQs

I am so glad to share my journey with anyone who is interested. I get some questions frequently and thought this would be a good place to store my answers.

Multiple Sclerosis FAQs

1.  What type of Multiple Sclerosis do you have?  

Secondary-Progressive (SPMS) You can read about the 4 types here. 

2.  Are you on any medications? Have you ever been?

No, I am on zero meds and started the Wahls Paleo Plus within weeks of my diagnosis. I continue to follow Dr. Terry Wahls protocol 3rd level – Wahls Palo Plus.  You can get the book here.

3.  Do you eat eggs?

Yes, I eat pasture raised eggs. Dr Wahls is allergic and does not eat them. I did cut them out of my diet for 4 months and then tested. I am good to go!

4.  Do you plan your meals?  

No. I just head to the store about once a week and add tons of produce to my cart always looking for new and interesting items to try. I always make sure I have a rainbow. Then throughout the week I just pick whatever looks good to me that day. I try to eat a different meat each day.

5.  What do you do when you have a sweet craving?  

Ah, yes, that dear ole sweet tooth. When I first began the lifestyle I went cold turkey, I just had to break the addiction in it’s tracks. Now, I may eat 1-2 squares of 85% dark organic chocolate as a treat and boy does it taste sweet!  You have to remember, all the food that is offered in our stores is loaded with sugar and we are all addicted to it. The only way to break the addiction is to kick it to the curb.  Cutting out processed foods is the first step to taking control.

6.  How do I get started, I feel overwhelmed?  

Not to be stupid, but you just start where you are.  We are all at a different point of the health spectrum.  Every day make one decision to make a change you can implement that day. Some days my goals were big like cutting out chemicals in my health care products (still working through this) and some days super small like, I will drink enough water today. If you begin to make this a daily choice that becomes part of your lifestyle you will be a better version of yourself than you were the day before and that’s pretty cool.

7.  How soon did you start to feel the effects of this diet?  

Within 3-4 days my energy began coming back and I started sleeping through the night.  Within 1-2 weeks my balance started getting better along with speech and cog fog. No stopping me now! I was sold. Remember, we will all have different results at different times. These are my experiences.

8.  What kind of blender do you use?  

Currently I am using the Ninja pro (900watt) that I find grinds things up super smooth and I love the to-go cup!

9.  Is coffee allowed on Wahls Paleo Plus?

Yep, and I drink 1 cup a day with full fat coconut milk.

10.  What if I am a vegetarian?

Dr. Wahls was a vegetarian for years before beginning this lifestyle and she addresses this in the book. I suggest reading more there as I do not have direct experience with this.

11.  Is coconut milk in the carton the same as in the can?

NO! Full fat coconut milk in the cans is full of good fats, Omega 3’s, that are so very important to this lifestyle. It is brain food and is what my body burns for energy.  Remember, Wahls Paleo Plus is a ketogenic diet so we burn fat for energy more than carbs.

12.  What do you do if you can not afford to do everything suggested in the book? 

Good question. The world we live in makes it expensive to eat real whole food and many are on fixed budgets. When faced with choices I always make the best decision for me at that very moment, staying flexible with my parameters.  Example: I go out to dinner and they do not have organic veg on the menu, that is ok, I’ll eat it. What if I cannot afford grass fed meats, then I buy the cleanest form I can afford. We all just do the best we can each day while keeping the mindset of food is medicine and this is an investment in my health. Keeping in mind the clean 15 and dirty dozen when hitting the store can save you a few dollars.

13.  How many times a day do you eat?

I try to follow Wahls Paleo Plus suggestion and eat only twice and fast 12 hrs at night. Morning about 9:30am-10am I have a smoothie. If I need a snack mid-day it is usually a handful of raw sprouted nuts with hot tea with full fat coconut milk. I cook and eat a meal about 5:30pm-6pm.

14.  Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, I do. Wahls suggests special occasions only and making it wine or grain free liquors.  I enjoy drier red wines, less sugar content, and do enjoy it weekly. I suggest you do what is best for you and always consult your doctor. Also, it could take your body out of ketosis so always be sure to monitor your levels.

15.  What if you do not live near a health food store or any local farms?

Not all of us have access to whole real food, which blows my mind what stores deem as food, but that is another discussion.

Always look out for local farmers markets in your area and buy as much fresh as you can. Adjust your diet to eat what is grown locally in your area, that way you know it is fresh.

Tip: I buy my organic fruit frozen most of the year from Costco because it is just too darn expensive to buy fresh out of season. I also prefer frozen fruit for my smoothies.

Here are some good options to order:

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