MS Tried To Hold Me Down

1 year ago I was one sick girly and no idea why. I had been working from home for a few weeks from the bed or couch with extreme exhaustion and what I thought was the beginning of an inner ear infection as my balance and walking was fading by the day.

I honestly just kept thinking it would go away, that I would wake up better, but everyday I woke up I was increasingly worse. Pain was everywhere, I was throwing up at the slightest movement, migraines and neck stiffness, slurred speech and eventually unable to walk or talk. My husband scooped me up and took me to the emergency room and called my mom, all the things he wanted to do long before I got to this point I must add. I have always been hard headed and boy has MS taught me a thing a 2!

MS Tried To Hold Me Down

I have to admit MS got me down for awhile while I tried to regain my former self. As you know from my story, I started researching and began following the Wahls Paleo Plus diet within a week of my diagnosis on 6.2.14 lying in the ER. Honestly I was just feeling grateful we knew what I had so we could form a plan of attack. I refuse to lose. I never cried or freaked out. I did not want to share my diagnosis with my family as I did not know what to tell them yet, so we kept it to ourselves for a bit. I never would want to burden my parents with anything else in this life, as they have already cared for me so much.

When I think back a whole year it truly is amazing where I am today! I have created an amazing small group of people around me I can call on and who can take care of me no questions asked. I have completely transformed my entire eating lifestyle and STUCK to it!!! I have quietly shared my journey with friends and family if they are curious and seen major changes in their lifestyles….what a gift. The amazing online community I started with MS Saved My Life has been so phenomenal and so organic. As a business owner, I did not want to grow our community as such, I wanted it to be athentic and genuine not sponsored or bought. I wanted to share what I was doing to implement Wahls Paleo Plus in order to help others get started, that was it. I wanted people to feel empowered that they too could do this one step at a time. I wanted it to be a positive and supportive space. With 3k followers almost I can honestly say I only have booted 2 people off the site ever! That is an amzing group of people we have…all over the world….doing the same thing….healing with whole real food.

I have made so many positive changes in my life due to my MS. We all know what I put in my mouth is the main thing, but I have also incorporated many more healing practicing. I let things go more now, my stress levels are way down, I meditate, I get sunshine, I stretch, I cut many household toxins out, I learned to say no, I rest when my body says rest, I feel love more deeply, I appreciate small things and I continue to share my journey.

I even ended up getting married to my love this past December, which is where the picture above is from. It was very low key and just all I could handle and so perfect for us.  I found this man almost 5 years ago and we have been through a lot already. He not only supports me in all I do but he truly makes me a better person.

Everything is not perfect, my eyesight is getting worse, my driving is limited to close by, I bruise easily for no reason, cold shuts my body down, I find myself grumpy a lot, I have to stay on task and not be distracted, you may see me wobble now and again if you watch me, my muscles are weak and I need to learn to take vacations….like unplug and take a full reboot a few times a year. Blah Blah….

But, considering where I was a year ago……I AM WINNING!!!!  Yay Me:)