Ginger Garlic Dressing

This fresh ginger garlic dressing is a powerhouse of bright vibrant flavors and nutrition! I typically run red and green cabbage through my little chopper to toss with this dressing as it makes a lovely relish that pairs well with almost any dish.


1-2 inches fresh ginger

1-2 large garlic cloves

1/2 juice from large organic lemon (zest it)

1 Tbls apple cider vinegar

Big handful organic cilantro

Place the garlic, ginger and cilantro in your chopper and run until well chopped. Place in a jar and mix with lemon juice, vinegar and lemon zest….give a good shake.

This is where I usually run my red and green cabbage, equal parts, through the chopper and then mix with dressing. It will not be really wet but very flavorful!