Food – What Food Do I Miss

I get asked a lot what food do I miss the most? I used to ponder this deeply and really tried to come up with something. Was it candy? Nope. Was it chips? Sometimes. Was it bread? No. What I have come to realize it is the “freedom” to eat. The freedom of just eating what I wanted. the freedom to go out to restaurants. The freedom of cooking. The freedom to just eat. Here’s the cool thing, I crave good foods, I do not crave junk foods. Now let me say I never really ate much junk food, to begin with, and was pretty conscious of what I was putting in my face. The problem? Our food supply is all jacked up along with the messages we have been told our whole lives about health. This required a reprogramming on my part, for example, bacon is good. Wow, ok. Educating myself about how food is manufactured today and how it is affecting us and causing disease. Once I began to really understand our food sources, not just trusting what was being sold to us, my body and mind began to transform. My mouth literally starting drooling the other day when I was in Costco and passed by a huge tray of veggies! My body was having a physical response to the veg alerting me that what I have been fueling my body with has changed me on a cellular level already!

So, what do I crave? Real Whole Food.

What do I miss? The freedom of eating….for now.

What do I wish for? The availability and affordability of Real Whole Food.


My wish is coming true, I see it every day in the news and in our cities. Restaurants and larger chains trying to incorporate healthier foods. This is happening because all of us food warriors demanding it. Supply and demand people, they only produce and sell what we are buying. Choose wisely.

ms saved my life