Favorite Kitchen Stuff

This is a List of my favorite Kitchen stuff I use almost daily. I like them because of their cost and/or durability. I do not mind spending money on things that work but if I can get a great item that gets the job done for less I typically choose that. I am not a label person by any means.

Cast Iron Skillets – I slowly got rid of all the coated pans in my cupboard and replaced with iron skillets of all sizes, even a dutch oven. Everything is tastier in a cast iron skillet:) The brand I have is Lodge.

cast iron

I cook almost exclusively in cast iron now

Blender – I am currently using a Ninja Pro 900 watt for my smoothie making,  it works great and blends all my greens and fruit nice and smooth. I will be upgrading to a larger model soon.


This guy is a workhorse!


KitchenAid Chopper – I love this little guy so much! I use him almost daily and his mint green color makes me immensely happy!


It is so cute