Favorite Home & Beauty Products

These are some of my favorite Home and Beauty items items I have switched out over the last year in order to cut down on the chemicals in my life. It is not complete by all means but it is a start.


Be Well Company – this is actually my company that I created and gave wings to after my passion for real whole food spread to my skin care products! Toxic free, organic skin care made with only the best therapeutic essential oils and natural ingredients that will nourish your skin! Oil Cleansers, Probiotic Toners, Nourishing Face Creams, Body Butters, Tea Tree Salve, Detox Masks and Exfoliators.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap – I keep this in the shower and dilute 50/50 with H2O. It lasts forever and comes in so many yummy smells. You can use it for washing, shaving and even hair although I do not on my hair as it dries it out too much.


Citrus Orange is one of My Favs!

Dr. Teals Epsom Salt – this is awesome for taking a nice detoxing bath that relaxes me.

dr teals

Lavender is my Fav

Smart Sheep – I started using these dryer balls in my dryer instead of dryer sheets or softener. I adore them! I add essential oils to the balls to scent my clothes.



Zen Fresh Shower Filter – This was a super deal and so easy to install, the pressure is awesome.