My Favorite Food Additions

My Favorite Food Additions are things I use daily in my cooking.

Pink Himalayan Salt – This is the main salt I use today. I do have Celtic Sea Salt as well.

pink salt

I typically find this at Homegoods for a great price


Ghee – This is clarified butter, it contains no whey making it lactose free, a good healthy fat and it allows for high temp cooking.I prefer Tin Star.


I have made my own but for the money it is cheaper to buy

Cinnamon – I eat this everyday in my smoothie and love it, it helps mask the flavor of spirulina. I only use ceylon cinnamon or Chinese cinnamon (cassia).


Watch what type of cinnamon you buy


Kombucha – Fermented tea full of really good probiotics. I drink daily and or use in my morning smoothie. I have made a continuous brew before but prefer to buy it. I like GT brand as the sugar content is low. Always read the label as many have high sugar content.



Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has become all the rage, although it has been around forever. I use it everyday in my cooking, toothpaste, lotion etc. I like the one from Costco called Carrington Farms.

coconut oil

Look for Cold Pressed and Organic


Full Fat Coconut Milk – I use a can a day at this point. It is not the same thing as coconut milk or water. I buy the Whole Foods brand 365 organic full fat. It is high in good fat which I need on WPP.


Be sure to purchase the Full Fat NOT the Light


Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – This is the brand I prefer hands down. It is raw and unfiltered with the mother. I use in cooking, marinades, dressings…….


This brand is sold practically everywhere now!


Coconut Aminos – I use this in place of soy sauce, since I am soy-free. It is a bit sweeter than soy sauce but does make a nice replacement and I use almost daily.


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