Funny how things can change in an instant huh? One day I was a professional wearing heels and drinking martinis with clients, the next thing I know I am rockin’ the converse and guzzlin’ water like its going to save my life…..oh, it kinda is.

I used to define my success by the clothes I wore, the book of clients I had, the corporation I worked for. Busy was good, actually the busier the better. I woke up before dawn to hit the gym, return home to get the kiddos off to school, take care of the house, go to work, go home, make dinner, take care of the kids, more housework, put the kids to bed and then fall down only to do it all over the next day. Why? Because I wanted everything perfect, to control it and everything to be beautiful. Friends would compliment on my home, my well-behaved children and yes my heels! I was a rockstar at work and had zero intention of ever slowing down. See, I stayed home with my children for 10 years and then started my career later on purpose. I always had a plan since I could remember, how I was going to have my family then take over the world, yep I wanted it all and so far so good.

Until MS made its grand appearance in July 2014 disrupting my entire life like a cannon ball! And man am I glad it did. 2.5 years since my MS diagnosis living my new lifestyle has proven to be nothing less than amazing. I always ate healthily, or so I thought, but transitioning to a toxic free, clean eating, paleo based lifestyle has saved my life and so many around me. It woke me up to the realities of our toxic food, or shall I say food like products that are in so many kitchens across the world. I also started looking at products I was using to clean my house or store my food in and how that was having a direct effect on my life.

Which brings me to my new found love of drinking. Drinking water that is. I started drinking lots more fresh clean water 3 days after diagnosis as to help flush the toxins from my cells as well as hydrating my poor body. Yes, you can get water from food, coffee, tea etc but damn I wasn’t ever picking up a glass of water to just drink! So, classic Natalie style (I do nothing part way) I began to add 64oz of water drinking to my new regimen of clean eating. Why? Because it was easy, I could start right away, there was no learning curve, it was just a matter of doing it. Within days my husband started to notice a difference in my appearance and energy levels. I felt the brain fog lifting a bit, no more headaches and certainly started feeling more energy. Now on a mission to drink more water every single day, I needed to find the perfect water bottle to take with everywhere I went. I first carted around a recycled glass bottle with a pop top, praying I didn’t drop it. The problem was it had a tiny opening to fill, hard to clean and of course breakable. I continued trying many different glass and stainless steel water bottles over the next several weeks, all falling short to my needs.

So, I co-founded, designed, patented and launched a water bottle company (again, classic Natalie style). The focus was, easy to carry, toxin free 18/8 stainless steel (even on the lid lining), durable and insulated to keep my drinks cold all day even if left in the sun and my coffee hot for hours.  I ditched my heels and started guzzlin’! Most days you will find me barefoot grounding myself but when shoes are required, 9 times outa 10 you will find me in my converse. I lead a much more relaxed lifestyle today understanding that slowing down is an art and a huge part of my healing. Stress has no place in my life and I avoid it at all costs. I since have stepped down as CEO to launch my newest baby, Be Well Company, because I believe what we feed our skin is just as important as what we feed our bellies. I clearly am on a mission to help people make healthier toxic free choices in their lives! I surround myself with amazing people, I nourish my body daily inside and out, I move et get my daily vitamin d and always drink lots of water!

MS has truly been a blessing in my life because I choose to see it that way and let all good things flow from it. I believe the universe gives you what you ask for, so be mindful in your dialog and thoughts.



Love ~ Natalie