MS & My Cooking Style

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I began to search for an MS Diet, I came up empty handed for quite a while. After much digging I found the answers I was looking for in Dr Terry Wahls Protocol. Now the challenge was how to implement all of this new found information in a way that was manageable for me and that I could adopt quickly.

We all know what a cookbook is for and how to use one right? Personally, I hate trying to follow a recipe, measuring and constantly checking back to see if I am doing it correctly. So, over the years I have taught myself how to cook to my tastes and my families likes.

Now I have spent the last year learning how to feed myself an MS Diet……..incorporating real whole foods and keeping things super simple and as close to natural as possible. Um, not really my Italian style cooking I was used to.

Believe it or not, this MS Diet (I prefer to call a lifestyle) is much easier than many cooking styles I have tried.

It truly cuts down on my time spent in the kitchen and has freed up my time that I used to plan weekly menus and lists. I spend half as much time in the kitchen now, eat 100% better, my food is delicious and oh yeah, I am reversing my MS symptoms every day.


My Cooking Style

I invite you to learn how to cook by feel, to follow your particular tastes, desires, and foods available. Break free from the need to follow a recipe to the “t” and start experimenting and understanding flavors. Look to be inspired by recipes and dishes you come across. Study flavors and how things pair together as you eat them. Begin making mental notes on some of your favorites and keep them stocked in your house. This all takes time so be patient with yourself and know that I will do my best to help you.

I eat the Wahls Paleo Plus lifestyle which is a highly modified paleo diet. It certainly has narrowed my view of what real food is and brought me back to the basics, making my life so much more simple. If it can be hunted or picked I eat it. Spices and fresh herbs are my favorite. Good fats like avocado, bacon grease, olive oil, coconut oil and ghee are among my favorites. It is amazing how sweet vegetables are to me now. I personally invite you to explore your tastes and start your journey today.

Cool thing is, you do not need to wait until you are sick or diagnosed with a disease to start living and eating a clean whole real food lifestyle. It is a shame our society started manufacturing food-like products and ditching what God gave us. Let us all explore getting back into our kitchens and just cooking. You do not need to be fancy or skilled, promise.


  1. I do always try to plate my food on a nice dish. My healing begins the moment I buy my food to the time I plate it. It tickles all my senses and makes me very invested in every step of my MS healing.



Snacks with Ranch Dip

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