Curried Shepherds Pie with Butternut Squash

I traditionally cook Italian Asian fusion so when I was inspired to create this Curried Shepherds Pie Recipe I surprised myself. Now of course I had to adjust from the traditional ingredients to accommodate my paleo/ketogentic lifestyle. It turned out not to be a problem at all, but then again I never have been one to follow the rules.


1 lb grass feed bison (or whatever meat you wish)

1 head organic cauliflower – riced

1 package organic mushrooms (any kind) – chopped

1 large organic yellow onion – chopped

4 large cloves organic garlic – chopped

4 stalks organic celery – chopped

3 organic carrots -chopped

2 sprigs organic rosemary – chopped

1 smallish organic butternut squash (or buy a bag already cubed like I did)

Several Tbls grass fed ghee

¼ cup organic full fat coconut milk

2 ish cups bone broth (I used my homemade frozen cubes)


2-3 Tbls curry powder

Garlic and Onion granules

3 Tbls nutritional yeast

Heat oven to 350.

I ran the onion, garlic, celery, carrot, mushrooms and rosemary through my handy dandy chopper in small batches.

Melted a couple of Tbls of ghee over med heat in my large iron skillet and added the chopped veg, seasoned and sautéed until tender, several minutes.

Next I added my meat and browned.

I then added several frozen bone broth cubes, maybe 8-10. Heated through, then added my cubed squash, turned down to low heat and simmered while I made my cauliflower topping. About 15 mins or so.

I ran my cauliflower through my chopper to rice and then placed in a saucepan over med heat with 2 Tbls ghee. Heated through, seasoned with s&p, onion granuales, coconut milk and nutritional yeast. I was looking for the consistency of mashed potatoes.

I topped my veg and meat mixture with my cauliflower and placed into oven to bake for 20 mins. Serve and Enjoy!