Why Oh Why Must I Always Cry

I cry at song lyrics.

I cry at baby pictures.

I cry at commercials.

I cry at puppy pics.

I cry reading stuff.

I cry.

Funny thing is, I hardly cried growing up, I was one tough cookie. My dad used to worry about me because I never cried. Well boy, let me tell you, I am more than making up for it now! My kids laugh but I am sure it is kind of disturbing on some level. My lovely husband just rolls with it thank God.

Quick Thought…

I wonder if I start to cry about something that really bothered me, like real crying, would anyone even notice or care?

I shake my own head at all these emotions that come flowing out with zero notice. I am type A, so trust me, if I could control these things I would. I have read that MS can have this affect on people, all the crying and what not. I suppose I could chalk it up to “the MS”, which my family and I jokingly refer to it, or maybe I had an unusual build up over the years and it had no where else to go but out.

So, if you see me crying, you can pretty much rest assured I am ok.

Thank you for caring.

I am so touched by your sweetness.

Pardon me, I need to go cry now.

cryingms saved my life