Ok, you are going to want to bookmark this Chicken Crack recipe, print it, make it and freak out! We all have those days we just don’t want to cook or simply ran out of time. So instead of grabbing something you shouldn’t, you need to make this amazingly crunchy and delicious Chicken Crack:) Seriously, you may want to double or triple the recipe. You can thank me later. Feel free to play around with adding spices you like here. Do not skip the pickle juice, it will not be as good!


Chicken Crack

1 organic rotisserie chicken ( I buy the naked and season myself)

Several Tbls grass fed ghee


Bubbies pickle juice or Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot (dill pickle)


How to Make:

A cast iron skillet is best for this as it will produce the best crunch! Pick your rotisserie chicken into 2-3 inch pieces. Heat several Tbls of ghee in the skillet over medium heat. Once good and hot place a layer of chicken in the skillet and season with s&p. Cook until browned and flip. Season other side. Cook until golden brown. Add 1/4 cup of pickle juice to skillet and toss chicken around in it until all has been absorbed. Remove.

You should have some amazingly golden, crunchy chicken crack that will fly off the dish before you can even serve it!


Chicken Crack crunch video that will make you laugh!