I eat two times a day generally as I am following the Wahls Plaeo Plus Lifestyle. Morning smoothie and dinner. Sometimes I want to nibble at work so I always keep a few things on hand.
When traveling make sure you keep something on hand as not to make a bad choice out of desparation! I want a refridgerator in my car:)

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

The Perfect Soft Boiled shouldn't be rocket science. So here you go, the easiest recipe I could come up with. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cheese Crackers I have always adored cheese and crackers and needless to say I needed to come up with a replacement for it! All kinds of crackers were my friend, depending on the cheese it was partnering with, however, one of my favorite snacking crackers were Cheez-its! Oh yeah baby,

Dairy Free Ice Cream

This dairy free ice cream is paleo friendly and full of good fats! Having a treat was never so good for you.

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Fat Bomb

Fat Bomb This Fat Bomb can be mixed in a separate dish, jar or right in your nut butter jar if you're lazy. This is great for me to eat by the spoonful when I am traveling, mid day or when I have a headache it seems to help. Ingredients: 2 tbls Nut Butter -

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Home Snack

When I am at home and want to snack on stuff I still make the time to make it pretty. One because it makes me slow down and think before putting something in my mouth. Two because it looks pretty.

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Kombucha Sorbet

Ready to whip up some kombucha sorbet in no time? This could not be any easier, I love making it when I have company or even when I do not feel well it always hits the spot. Kids love this too!

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Work Snack

I generally snack on nuts at work come mid day but sometimes I get fancy with it and bring this snack along.

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